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NAME:SMC Basketball Board

  • SMC outdoor basketball board products by high temperature molding, with a high degree of standardization, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable quality, moisture-resistant deformation (can adapt to positive and negative temperature of 40 degrees), strong UV resistance and other features to make up for conventional defects

Application and advantages:
This SMC backboard can be used both indoor or outdoor and it will be the best replacement for fiberglass backboard.Comparing with fiberglass one, SMC backboard is much cheaper, lighter weight and excellent performance in anti-water,anti-UV,anti-corrosion.It is also strong enough for dunking.Easy to install as the female bolts are fixed to backboard already,so what you should do is just put the bolts,connect your post and fasten them.

Useage time: 5-10 years
1. Size: 1800mm*1050mm*50mm(72”*42”)
2. Line width: 5cm
3. Shoot Square: 59cm*45cm(24”*18”*2”)
4. Fixing hole: 4 holes in the corner and 4 for rim flange.
5. Hole fixing: 10mm with installed bolt female.
                         With male bolts together, just fasten it in.
6. Package:1 pair/packing in paper carton and wrapping film.

The dimension and line can be according to customers' requirement
Samples are available--small order accept
We offer high quality product at competitive price


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