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NAME:Fiber Optic Cable Transfer Box

  • Fiber optic cable transfer box is used as a equipment for outside incoming network trunk cable and wiring nodes to achieve outdoor fiber optic cable wiring devices, it can be realized the optical fiber splicing storage and scheduling functions. It is enabling outdoor floor and overhead installation

Main Technical Parameters:

(1)Operating temperature: between -40°C and +60°C

(2)RH(relative humidity):95%(at temperature:+40°C)

(3)Atmospheric pressure: between 70kpa and 106kpa

(4)Isolation resistance: ≥2X10000M/500V(DC)

(5)Anti-voltage strength: ≥3000V(DC)1min,no breakdown

(6)Strong heat-proof performance,because the cabinet is made from high strength unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforcement material called SMC

(7)Static load-bearing capacity: 980N for the cover,980N for side surface,200N for door hinge

(8)Sealing performance: YD/T988-199

Product features
1.Excellent performance such as: water-proof,damp-proof,anti-erosion,anti-strike. Able to withstand abrupt climate change and extreme environment
2.Capacity can be flexibly customized as required
3.Installation is quick and convenient
4.Built-in direct splice unit is capable for providing direct connection function.
5.Perfect design of fiber wiring routing could facilitate management and maintenance of fibers
6.With secure and reliable fastening and grounding protection devices for the optic fiber
7.Applicable to strap-shaped and non-strap shaped fibers

8.Unique patent for the design of the door key,can never be easily broken.
9.With unique design of the adjust structure of temperature.

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CATV Network
FTTx System
Wide Area Network
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