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NAME:SMC Meter Box

  • SMC meter box is made of SMC unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced molding.

Porduct description:
Its unique performance, solve the wood, steel, plastic meter box easy to aging, corrosion, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardancy, short life defects, SMC meter box excellent performance, absolute sealing waterproof performance, Anti-tampering performance, no need ground wire, beautiful appearance, a lock and seal the security protection, life up to 40 years of outdoor, indoor more than 60 years, the strength of 1N.m, is other metal plastic Meter box unparalleled.

SMC meter box has good quality of high strength,light weight,anti-corrosion,installation fastness,rain proof,preventing electric energy stealing,anti-rust, easy to operate and so on.


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