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NAME:SMC Cable Bracket

  • SMC cable support is polymer composite materials, composition with resin, glass fiber and filler , which is characterized by corrosion resistance, light weight, electrical insulation properties, fire performance, long service life. people will usually call the cable bracket for the FRP cable bracket, composite cable bracket and so on.


Product Description
SMC cable bracket for the combined, by the cable bracket, column and the composition of the pin. The material of the column and the pin is also made by the high temperature pultrusion of the FRP composite material. The column can be arbitrarily intercepted according to the needs of the length, adjustable height, free assembly, cable bracket has a variety of specifications to meet different length and load requirements.
FRP Composite Cable Suppor Properties and benefits:
1) Corrosion resistance
2) Light proportion
3) Electrical insulation performance
4) Excellent fire performance
5) Long life
Advantage of the frp cable bracket:
1.Insulating material:
Excellent materials with high insulation resistance; high power frequency dielectric strength; keeping good dielectric property under high frequency, thus rendering high safety if used as enclosure of an electic device.
2.Corrosion resistance:
Good corrosion resistance, resisting corrosion of acid, alkali and salt solution with relative low concentration, as well as many kinds of oil, organic solvents and sea water.

3.Light weight, high strength and toughness:
Having high tensile strength, bending strength and impact toughness, with specific gravity between 1.75-1.95, being an idea substitution of ordinary plastics.

4.Microwave-through property:
Don't reflect and break microwave propagation, can be used in wireless meter reading and remote monitoring.

5.Weathering resistance and thermal endurance and low-temperature resistance:
With good weathering resistance; keeping good mechanical perfaormance between (50°C~+160°C); service life exceeding 20 years.

6.Flame-retardant material generating merely thinner gas:
Fire resistance grade of FVO, gas density grade of 15, registered gas toxicity is quasi-safety class 1(ZA1).

7.Thermal insulation material:
It is a sort of thermal insulation material, and can abate the impact on internal temperature of box bodies caused by change in ambient temperature; compared with ordinary plastics, it can effectively reduce condensation and frost inside the box.

8.Easy to be machined or processed: 
Having good impact resistance; not sensitive to notch(generating no tidy fracture surface, no crack extending); good machinability(can be drilled and cut).


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