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NAME:Unit Bathroom

  • Unit bathroom is a combination of integrated high-strength framework which includes integrated waterproof chassis, integrated wash basin, bathtub, siding, roof and relevant functional sanitary wares.
    The concept allows every family to enjoy showering, bathing, washing and toileting in a limited space.
    The chassis, siding, roof, bathtub and wash basin are made of high-tech SMC, which is professional raw material for airplanes and spacecraft.
All components of unit bathroom are made in factory by large scale press and steel mould. It features standardized production, fast delivery and stable quality. Main body of unit bathroom is formed once under high temperature and high pressure, thus makes it high density, high strength, light weight but durable and long lifespan. Integrated chassis is 100% waterproof, no water leaking, no waterproof treatment needed.
Installation of unit bathroom is as easy as blocks-building game. It features easy, fast, no noise, no construction waste. It only takes two workers 4 hours to finish the installation


  1.Clean and dry

Easy to clean due to integrated waterproof chassis, siding and roof. No water absorption, no water accumulation and no odor.


Main body is made of high-strength SMC. Easy maintenance. Long lifetime of over 20 years.


Formed under high temperature and high pressure, the integrated framework is 100% waterproof. No worry about water leakage.

  4.Heat Insulation

SMC is heat insulation, thus making bathroom warm in winter and cool in summer. No bath heater needed.


High-tech SMC material is durable and anti-aging. No radiation.

  6.Dry Construction

Dry construction method makes installation easier and shorter.

Integrated House
Specifications: Standard width of sheet material is 1000mm. Folded and stored in packages impermeable to volatile substance, and then transported in carton/wooden boxes.
Storage: Below 20℃
Shelf life: 2 months

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